As solo bloggers, we must choose our topics carefully

Although I’m a tech manager by trade, for the last 8 years I’ve run a number of personal blogs.

For the last year and a half, I’ve been working for a London newspaper. It’s impressive to see how much quality content goes out in a single day.

It highlights the value of working in a team — and the huge impact that a group of writers can make.

When I first experienced how much could be achieved by a team of writers, it made me question whether solo blogging was still worthwhile.

Why bother writing one-off posts on a tiny personal blog when an editorial team can cover so many more topics?

A team of writers may be able to cover more ground than a lone blogger. But don’t underestimate the impact one person can have.

It’s vital to choose your topics carefully.

A tech blogger doesn’t have to write about religion.

A fashion blogger doesn’t have to write about TV.

A music blogger doesn’t have to write about sport.

As bloggers, we should remember our limits. One person cannot cover every topic. Even a large team of writers would have difficulties doing that.

Writing excellent content isn’t just about putting a great post online. It’s about choosing your topic.

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